About us

We have been providing warehousing and
brokering services since 1993.

Strategically convenient geographic situation.
We use a smart warehouse management system.
A team of responsible professionals, who have great work experience and who work flexibly and fast, is employed
in our Company.

Our services

“Jakų logistikos centras” UAB completed the implementation of the project "The enhancement of the efficiency and competetiveness of the activity of "Jakų logistikos centras" UAB with the application of Information Technologies", which was financed by European Regional Development Fund.

On completion of the project, an introduced complex tool for the management of the warehouse enabled the Company to focus on the optimisation of internal and external business processes and ensured high quality of services. Consequently, this has helped to manage all available resources efficiently, enhance productivity and expand the activities of the Company. An introduced e-business solution in the future will allow to provide services, manage bookkeeping, accept orders, administer services of warehousing, analyze activity of the Company and manage the Company more efficiently.

A successful implementation of the project had increased not only the turnover and productivity of the Company, but also positive social effects – established new work places and protected existing jobs.